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The Last Page News: 'All the news that fits we print'
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Author Topic: The Last Page News: 'All the news that fits we print'  (Read 129246 times)
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« Reply #825 on: November 01, 2008, 18:34:22 EDT »

Hundreds flock to toilet to see art

Thu Oct 30, 10:36 am ET

BERLIN (Reuters) – A public toilet in Munich which has been transformed into an art museum has attracted hundreds of people in the first days after opening, a spokesman for the city's tourism agency said on Thursday.

Built in 1894, the toilet house was originally constructed to serve nearby households which lacked necessary facilities.

After being in use for over a hundred years, the toilets were locked up in 1992 because they were very rarely used.

"On the night we opened, around 800 people came to see our work," initiator of the museum project, Mathias Koehler told Reuters.

He said that a toilet was a great place for artistic expression because art is a form of relief in the same way that going to the toilet is.

The art exhibited is mainly graffiti often with a political theme. Examples include images of Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel flanking a urinal in the corner of the room. Four artists contributed their work to the exhibition.

Although the 70-square meter museum is only temporary, Koehler said he could not rule out making it permanent if public interest remains high.

(Reporting by Josie Cox)

"The beauty of this is that it is only of theoretical importance,
and there is no way it can be of any practical use whatsoever."
- Sidney Harris
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« Reply #826 on: November 01, 2008, 22:49:10 EDT »

Oddly, a communism museum in a eastern european country I went to a year or two ago also has a restroom full of political dialogue.

The plural of "anecdote" is "anecdotes". Not "data".
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