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From admin of IRC channel: Can we move it to a different network?
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December 13, 2018, 00:45:18 EST *
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Author Topic: From admin of IRC channel: Can we move it to a different network?  (Read 6125 times)
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« on: December 28, 2008, 19:56:37 EST »

Sorry for essentially appearing out of nowhere after a long absence, but the IRC channel has been there and somewhat active all this time, and I've still been running it. Unfortunately, the network it's on, quite frankly, sucks. It's the worst IRC network I've ever been on. The Opers spam inane personal crap all the time, and just today one of our users got g-lined (banned from the network) for "being part of a botnet" (which he obviously wasn't) so I'm really, really, REALLY keen on moving it to another network.

EDIT: If anyone has contact with Tai/Tation outside of IRC, please tell him about this topic!

I have an IRC network of my own that's relatively small, and we run it pretty well, IMO. It's very stable, and we only use global messages for important things like warning of an impending server outage or explaining an unexpected outage. The network has some adults-only channels on it, and some furry stuff, so if that would be a problem (I wouldn't think so; anyone visiting any of the other channels after finding them with /list is responsible for their own actions) we'd need to find a different network, or if the head honchos around here have a preferred network in mind, that works too.

If you do want to use my network, the info for it: or
Ports: 6667 for normal connections, 6697 for SSL, and I can open another port (like 8080) to it if anyone needs it.
Channel: #ireadthis, or whatever else you would want.
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