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100x100 icons or avatars
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November 19, 2018, 16:49:13 EST *
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Author Topic: 100x100 icons or avatars  (Read 3220 times)
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I made it myself.

« on: June 16, 2007, 20:23:20 EDT »

Just as the title says. Mods, feel free to contact me if this isn't appropriate.

For a long time now, since my involvement on Livejournal began, I have gotten into the habit and practice of creating my own icons in favor of those by other people. I don't know the proper Netiquette for borrowing someone else's, and though I may admire someone else's work, I feel a sort of pride in using my own Photoshopped brainchildren. And, in the end, I do well enough to please myself.
Now, I notice a lack of Photoshop items on the Liberal Arts forum, and so I want to introduce someplace for people who like photoshop and icons to come together and... express their liking. As the T-shirt my mother got from Starbucks says, Espresso Thyself.
So, in this thread, I'll post a few of my favorite works, (maybe more if people are interested) and invite others to do the same: Post your creations! Discuss methods! Exchange tips and websites! My favorite resource is the lj community Icon Tutorials, from which I get about most of my textures and a fair amount of my ideas. 
My subjects tend to be musicals (such as Wicked or Les Mis), anime, Harry Potter, or Masi Oka. Right now I'm on a Pan's Labyrinth splurge. I also attempted to make House icons in the style of campaign slogans... didn't work quite so well as I'd hoped.
So, here're some of my favorites:

<-- that seagull was not originally part of the image.

So, post your own icons, or link to your photobucket or other image account. (My Photobucket) This is the place for sharing, constructive criticism, and light discussion. Go for it!

P.S. My current icon features two of the band members of Pink Martini, an alternative lounge band whose music I love. I took a black and white image and went crazy with the coloring scheme. I like the result.
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Dragon Winged Fox

« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2007, 22:52:41 EDT »

Digital manipulation is a form of art in itself, even for such "trivial" things as avatars, so this is more than fine Smiley

And your avatars are very pretty.

Incidently, since you have so many avatars, you might be interested in RKNiner's Avatar Rotation script. Randomly picks an icon everytime someone views a page with your posts.

As for nettiquet on it - basically, you ask first and if they say yes then you do and if they say no then you don't.

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« Reply #2 on: June 21, 2007, 07:35:26 EDT »

Well, allow me to post some of mine as well. Not sure if they're 100x100, though.

Here is my version of Purplecat (as a kitten):

full picture here:

And here is Giz:

full picture here:

I'm a bit disappointed with the way Puplekitten turned out. If I do any better, I'll post it here.

here is Somber Cat:

and the full picture:

I think I went for too Somber there... :p Oh, and yes, it's "purplekitten" sleeping next to Somber Cat. Or, rather, Sidney sleeping next to Freestyle.
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