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Title: Voting Instructions, or welcome message
Post by: Richard K Niner on November 26, 2005, 16:29:42 EST
(Note:  This article is a work in progress.  Any questions/comments/suggestions should be directed here (  Thank you.)

Full board rules are available here (

Welcome to I Read This forums, a community for fans of David Craig Simpson's "I Drew This (".  As you probably noticed, right now, you're in voter registration; that's our board for new member introductions.  If you haven't yet, feel free to make a thread here to introduce yourself to the rest of the community. Note that you cannot do so until you've registered (and activated) an account with us and have logged into it.

On our front page, you've probably noticed our 12 boards already:
  • General Discussion ( This is our discussion board for most things IDT-related.  Well, if it's not related to a recent cartoon or ITT essay, but is still concerning I Drew This, it should be going here.
  • Today's Editorial ( When you have something that does concern a recent IDT cartoon, it goes here, in the appropriate thread.  Most comments will have a political bent, so consider yourself warned.  Thread necromancy is considered a no-no.  Please use General Discussion to discuss older material.
  • I Pecked This ( A subforum of the above, but for commentary on the Bird Brains weblog.
  • Liberal Arts ( A forum to show off your artistic skills
  • I Colored This ( A subforum of the above, specifically for Icedragon (;u=286)'s colorized IDT comics.
  • Anything ( As the title says, (almost) anything goes here.  Think of this as a news-and-politics-free zone. a reprieve from the rhetoric throughout the rest of IRT.
  • I Play This ( Our designated forum games board.  This is the home to games such as Word Association ( (a forum mainstay), Ask the cat (http://www.ireadthis/index.php?topic=643.0) (where you can put any question you want to our very own purplecat (;u=64) ... for a fee ;)), and many others.  Also, you can join our members in discussing anything game-related.  This is the board for having fun.
  • Politics ( Pretty much what the title says, we encourage all our members to keep general political debate to this forum.  You are allowed to refer to current events when making new topics, but if the topic concerns the event more than the political decisions behind it, there is a better choice available.
  • World Events (  This is a forum to discuss what's going on around us.  Once again, if you're more concerned with the politics behind it, we recommend using the Politics board.  However, you can use your judgement to decide which board it goes in.
  • Voter Registration ( This is where you are now, a place for everyone to introduce themselves.
  • Announcements (  For general announcements regarding IRT's operations, we'll be keeping the community informed here.
  • Technical Assistance ( If at any time you find you're having problems using the board, you can communicate your difficulties to our admistration/moderation staff here.
  • Suggestion Box ( If at any time, you think that this forum can be enhanced in some way, feel free to suggest the change here.
  • Drop It Already ( This is where we will throw our locked topics.  Hopefully, we will never have to use it.
This is how we will be organising our posts, here at IRT.

While you get acquainted, here are some threads you may want to check out:
  • Where do you stand? (  First, fill out the survey here (, then come back and post your results.  This will allow us to approximate how you feel about the myriad of issues confronted in politics these days (by compressing your answers into a two-dimensional scale).
  • Flash your age of majority card (!  Want to show us who you really are behind that username and avatar?  Snap a photo of yourself, and link to it here.
  • Map of members ( Show us where you are on our Frappr map (!
Once again, we welcome you to IRT, and hope you enjoy your experience.

And here is our staff:

Title: Voting Instructions, or welcome message
Post by: Richard K Niner on November 26, 2005, 16:40:22 EST
Hello, I'm Richard K Niner (as you can probably tell), the head administrator for IRT.  I've been here since the beginning, as one of our founding members.

I first came up with the idea for this forum back in January 2005, when I realized that many members of Define "Cynical" (, the official fan forum of DCS's "Ozy and Millie (" also followed IDT, but had nowhere to discuss it.  Over time, this board moved twice, first to a hosting solution provided by GhostWay, then to its current location provided by FelixLockhart.

I can usually be found either here or at Define "Cynical", and may be availalble on AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, and Google Talk.  If you need to contact me directly, any of those four IM networks, email, and private messages can be used for that.  I operate under an open door policy, so don't be afraid of doing so.

Title: Voting Instructions, or welcome message
Post by: Natasha Lockhart on November 26, 2005, 17:38:15 EST
Greetings!  I'm Felix J. Lockhart, and I the primary admin of Lupinia, the community/server hosting this board.  I'm a writer, amateur radio operator, computer nerd, emergency vehicle equipment technician, avid off-roader, and I'm developing proficiency as a Land Rover mechanic.

I don't post much here, I don't often have much to say, but I come here every day, as well as Define Cynical, and  I can be reached via email or any IM network as well.  For issues regarding the forum, click here ( and I'll work on fixing anything that needs to be fixed :-)

Title: Voting Instructions, or welcome message
Post by: GhostWay on November 26, 2005, 18:35:48 EST
Hello.  I'm GhostWay, a secondary admin for these forums.  I used to host this forum, but then I had to transfer it over to Felix's server, so I'm not quite as involved here now.  I try to come by here as often as possible, usually once a day.  If you need to get ahold of me, I'm available on AIM (GhstWy) or email (  However, if you need something solved you'd be better off contacting Felix or Richard.  Otherwise, feel free to talk.

Title: Re: Voting Instructions, or welcome message
Post by: rogue-kun on August 16, 2006, 18:25:43 EDT
Greetings and salutations, citizens ( I'm Rogue-kun, lowly staff, who join the team to help with the grunt work of moderation.

if you nned to get hold of me and the board PM is not cutting it you can drop me an email (

Title: Re: Voting Instructions, or welcome message
Post by: Icedragon on August 17, 2006, 15:05:06 EDT
For some reason, I forgot to post here.

Title: Re: Voting Instructions, or welcome message
Post by: Gizensha on August 21, 2006, 01:51:13 EDT
Greetings. I'm Gizensha, staff member. Most of the time I visit the forum multiple times a day, and that's the main reason I joined the team, since I was already on this forum enough that I thought I may as well help out with the moderation of it. If you need to get hold of me for any reason, and the PM is down, then you can either send me an email ( or any form of IM.

Title: Re: Voting Instructions, or welcome message
Post by: FireyTiger on August 15, 2007, 18:48:17 EDT
Looks like I forgot to post here too, figures. :P

I'm FireyTiger, aka FT, aka Angie. I became a mod because I've got a great deal of experience with the moderation of forums. Not that there's a whole lot to do here, mostly everyone behaves themselves. ;) I'm pretty much on the computer all the time unless i'm playing starving college student (fulltime job and school) so you can get ahold of me pretty easily. my e-mail is, and I'm fairly certain my IM accounts are in my profile, you can get ahold of me there as well. Just please, PLEASE, tell me who you are if you contact me! A lot of people seem to just assume i'll know who they are automatically, this is NOT THE CASE. lol

Title: Re: Voting Instructions, or welcome message
Post by: purplecat on April 08, 2008, 18:45:24 EDT
Hello all,

I'm mister Purplecat.

I'm sure many of you already know me, but for those of you who don't, I'm a poster of many topics, an answerer of problems and I have a terrible sense of humour.

The mods have asked me to join their merry band, so I've put on the kevlar trousers and joined them in their quest to defeat general rudeness and his army of flaming trolls.

That said, unless I'm posting in yellow, the mod hat isn't on. Feel free to stop by for a chat at any time.

Title: Re: Voting Instructions, or welcome message
Post by: Manufacturing Dissent on August 04, 2008, 03:28:30 EDT
Hello everyone!

After a good three years as I regular member, I've decided to step up and join the ranks of the moderators.  So if you see me posting in yellow, it's quite official.